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I’ve been reading Shaun Tan’s wordless graphic novel "The Arrival" and what a profoundly moving experience it has been. Its a story about immigration, displacement, adaptation. Tan does a brilliant job of depicting the sense of awe and bewilderment that’s a part of immigration experience by creating a kind of dreamworld America - where the animals, the language and the technology are not of our world, so we are as confused by them as Tan’s protagonist is. This is one of the most poignantly beautiful picture books I own. My highest recommendation for children and adults.

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    I haven’t read The Red Tree but will put it on my buy list. He’s quite a master at evoking emotion through illustration....
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    This looks incredible! I’m buying it as we speak :D I love Shaun Tan. He also wrote and illustrated a beautiful picture...
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  8. swiftsnowmane said: Wow, I am getting my hands on this as soon as possible. I collect illustrated books (children’s or otherwise), this is just the sort of thing I love. Thanks for the rec!